Tesco – Oakwood Distribution Centre.

PROJECT: Turner Power Generation were required to supply, install and commission 1 x FG Wilson P800 emergency diesel generating set.

VALUE: £109,600.00

CHALLENGE: The contract was for the removal of a temporary hire generator and the installation and commissioning of a new FG Wilson P800 generator into Tesco’s Oakwood Distribution Centre, which is a critical location in their distribution operations.

Tesco – Oakwood Distribution Centre

SOLUTION: A PDI was carried out off-site at our Sutton facilities prior to installation to ensure the generator was fit for purpose.  The temporary hire generator was disconnected and removed by a specialist lifting contractor using a Hiab due to the limited head room and extended reach into the building.  The new FG Wilson P800 emergency generator is fitted with Auto Mains Failure (AMF) and Automatic transfer switches (ATS) that protects the engine and generator set and monitors the power output. Constant mains electricity is supplied into premises via electrical cabling. When this mains electricity is disrupted due to power failures, a signal is sent from the transfer switch to the generating set which then starts up and sends generated electricity back into the premises. When the mains supply is restored the transfer switch blocks the power from the generating set and reverts back to the main supply.

CLIENT BENEFIT: The new FG Wilson generator set is designed for easy maintenance access for the customer, but not for anyone else. With enclosures, access to the control panel, fuel fill and battery is only through lockable doors, which is important for the security and protection of the generator where it is located.

CLIENT CONTACT: Mark Vardy – Technical Service Manager
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01942 844190