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ZF Marine transmissions – pleasure and commercial - rated up to 14,000 kW, are available in many configurations. For all kinds of commercial vessels ZF provides a complete line of heavy-duty transmissions. Gearbox housings are extremely resistant to torsional stresses and are generously sized to safely transmit the thrust loads to the ship's foundation. Numerous ratios are available that perfectly match today's medium-speed diesel engines. For commercial, ocean-going vessels such as freighters and tankers, heavy-duty transmissions with various PTOs and PTIs can be chosen.

Transmissions for large motor yachts, naval, customs and coastguard duties as well as fast ferries all require compact, high performance transmissions, most of which are specially configured to comply with ship designer’s requirements.

These transmissions are furnished with high-tensile aluminum alloy gear housings and can be rigged with special optional equipment, monitoring systems etc. to meet stringent environmental and technical specifications where safety, availability and reliability are of utmost importance. Highest quality standards, intelligent design concepts and ease of maintenance ensure compliance with specified operating profiles at minimum down-time and life cycle cost.

The ZF Marine product range for pleasure craft applications includes a wide variety of transmissions for engine outputs of up to 1,400 hp, for all installation configurations – vertical offset, down-angle, coaxial and vee-drive.

While the mechanically operated “M”-series transmissions are typically installed in sailboats and river craft, the larger transmissions are primarily employed in various types of pleasure craft including ski-boats, sportfishing boats, cruisers and luxury motor yachts. A comprehensive range of 2-speed power-shift transmissions is on hand, when optimum acceleration, safety and manoeuvrability are determining factors.

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