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Allison Transmission is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial-duty automatic transmissions and a leader in electric hybrid propulsion systems.

Mitchell Powersystems is sole UK and Ireland Distributor for Allison Transmission, providing application engineering, new product sales, genuine parts and support at our Allison Service Centre's.

Allison Transmissions and Propulsion Systems

For more than 100 years, Allison Transmission has continuously discovered new ways to make work easier and more efficient. Believing their customers simply deserve the best, they design and build fully automatic transmissions that deliver premium performance with unrivaled reliability and durability.

Because of their commitment to quality, Allison is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems for commercial-duty vehicles.

Their transmissions can be found at work in cities and rural areas all around the world in a wide variety of applications. From refuse and distribution to mining and school buses – if the job needs to get done, customers count on Allison.

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Quality, Reliability and Durability

Allison fully automatic transmissions (“Allison Automatics”) have a global reputation for quality, reliability and durability because we engineer and build them to last. That’s why Allison Automatic-equipped vehicles have been shown to cost less to operate than comparable competitively-equipped vehicles.

Allison Automatics have minimum maintenance requirements, meaning less downtime and lower overall maintenance costs. Since Allison Automatics use a torque converter instead of a dry clutch, irritating clutch repairs and replacements that come with manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs) are eliminated. In fact, routine oil and filter changes are the only regular preventive maintenance requirements for an Allison Automatic.

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Authorised Distributor for Allison Transmission

We stand behind our products with an extensive global network of approximately 1,400 Allison authorized Distributors and Dealers, which means that convenient, factory-quality Allison service is available if you should need it.

At the end of the day, your ability to perform and produce is directly tied to the vehicles and equipment you use to do the work. You have people and customers counting on you. So when failure is not an option, Allison Transmission is the best solution for delivering power from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle.

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Allison Genuine Parts™

Allison Genuine Parts™ are engineered specifically for your Allison transmission using state-of-the-art technology unique to our company. Non-genuine manufacturers attempt to reverse-engineer Allison parts—meaning they are designed without our standards, specifications, manufacturing processes and expertise. Inferior parts can lead to downtime, unnecessary costs and premature breakdowns.

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Allison Transmission Parts

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