Diesel/Electric Material Handling Equipment ATEX Conversions

We convert diesel and electric material handling equipment for a wide range of industries to BS EN 1755:2015 including:

Area Classifications

  • Zone 1: Gas, high risk
  • Zone 2 : Gas, low risk
  • Zone 21: Dust, high risk
  • Zone 22: Dust, low risk


  • Counterbalance forklift trucks
  • MEWPs
  • Reach trucks
  • Side loaders
  • Lifting platforms
  • Powered pallet trucks
  • Floor washers

ATEX Compliant Accessories

  • Lights and beacons
  • Sounders and horns
  • Road lights
  • Electric wipers
  • Manual wipers
  • Various truck sensors
  • Batteries and connectors
Below are some of the hazards present on an unprotected forklift truck operating in a potentially explosive atmosphere.



There are two routes for protection available under BS EN 1755:2015 for Zone 2. The principles of protection are fundamentally different so an informed choice is critical.

Always Protected

No Matter What

Passive protection is the only method allowed under Zone 1. It is a higher level of protection for a higher risk environment. Under this protection method, all the components on the MHE that can potentially cause an explosion are protected. A similar, but lighter, version of this protection for Zone 2 means that in the unlikely event of gas release the equipment will remain operable.

A passive system allows the driver to continue to operate the MHE even in the event of an accident causing a gas release, as the operator can move the MHE to a safe area. Flametec can also combine a passive system with the added benefits of gas detection if the customer requires an alert for gas release.


  • Complete protection of MHE parts
  • No gas system parts to maintain
  • Instant start of MHE
  • Minimal changes to OEM schematic
    Will operate in gas environment


  • Modified OEM parts may have longer lead times
  • No alarm for gas release


  • Limited modification of OEM parts
  • Operator alerted of gas release


  • More proprietary parts to maintain
  • Consumable gas bottles typical
  • Can require regular calibration
  • MHE inoperable in gas environment

Threat Detection

Using a Gas Detection System

Active protection utilises a gas detection system. This is only available for Zone 2 since the presence of gas is not normally expected and shutting down all relevant systems achieves the level of safety required. Gas detectors are installed at the extremities of the equipment. The system checks for gas when the equipment is energised and only allows operation if no gas is detected. If gas is detected at any point, before or during operation, the system disconnects the battery from the rest of the truck and will remain isolated until the gas source has been removed.

In the event of gas release around the MHE, a series of alarms inform the operator so the load can be made safe and the MHE moved to a safe area. If the alarms are not acted upon in good time or the gas release is swift, the MHE is isolated in a safe condition and remains inoperable.

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